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Now that you have your license, here are a few other resources to help with the next steps

Insurance for your drone.  A good question is if you will need just liability or liability and hull insurance.  For the State of Minnesota when you register, you will need to show proof of insurance to get your commercial operations license with the state.  There few different options I checked in to when I first got started.  The first thing I did was I got a quote from my local insurance agent to see if I could bundle with my vehicles and house.  When I checked it was really high for what we got.

My Current Insurance Company I am using is Hil & Usher Insurance, They specialize in Photographers Insurance for their equipment and was able to get full hub insurance for my entire fleet.

Another option is Sky, they had a App which I could download and choose what I wanted.  I could choose how much liability I needed and if I needed Hull Insurance or not.  With this one you can choose hourly, monthly or yearly insurance.   There website is SkyWatch.Ai


You have your license, now you ask what's next?  A big part of finding new work is networking, and selling yourself.  I started by getting involved with contract jobs / gigs that were a 1099.  They would offer some basic training and testing to start but would supply jobs in the area (you will supply your area milage) and if jobs come in they will notify you of jobs that you can accept.  In Minnesota during the summer, there is usually a high probability of hail damage.  My first summer doing this, I would do 6 inspections a day during the peak hail season.  

Websites / Apps with Minnesota Gigs with Inspections

With any of the above, I am not affiliated with any of them but have worked gigs / projects with many.  The pay is different for each of them and can be a great way to gain experience.  While on the jobs it can also be a good way to network with people and companies. 

Other Options Include

  • Networking with local real estate professionals

  • Facebook Ads / Marketplace

  • Networking with Construction Companies for updates on their projects

  • There a number of other options as well, getting creative and a lot of HARD WORK will go a long ways!


When starting a new business its key to keep track of all the finances separate from your personal finances.  With drone piloting there are also writes offs for milage to traveling to each job site.  I used QuickBooks Online to keep track of Milage thru my phone, ability to invoice Customers, receive payments and manage everything financial with my new business

For mine, I decided to use Quickbooks - Self Employed or Online.  Both include a app for your phone so you are able to track milage which is tax deductible.

Build a profitable drone business on a strong foundation. Save money and time by learning from the mistakes and experience of an aviation business owner.

  • Perfect for anyone who wants to make money using their drone

  • 7 hours of step-by-step video instruction

  • 25 assignments to easily create a strong business plan

  • Free business plan template included

  • Taught by an experienced aviation business owner

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