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Becoming a Drone Pilot

So you got a new drone and now its time to become a licensed pilot.  First step is to study hard and take the FAA's Part 107 Test to become licensed.  There are many online study guides / you tube videos and even classes to help pass the exam.  My best friend when I was studying was YouTube and watched a few different videos on the test and what to study.  

After passing the exam you will get a Part 107 card from the FAA in the mail.  Each state also has there own rules and regulations. 


For Minnesota there a few more steps to in the process.  

Step 1 - Register your drone with the State of Minnesota

Step 2 - Getting a Minnesota Commercial Operation License.

When registering you will need to provide proof of insurance as well as the drone numbers 

After receiving your Part 107 License you will need to renew every 24 Months.  Its a online training and test that takes about a hour and a half to complete.  Upon completion you will be able to print / save / email your certificate.

FAA Renewal Training Site Link

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