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New Drone to the Fleet - - DJI Mavic 3 Pro

Our newest Drone we just added is the DJI Mavic 3 Pro. It will add a new depth to our photography and video's.

Introducing the DJI Mavic 3 Pro: A High-Flying Powerhouse

The DJI Mavic 3 Pro is the latest flagship drone from DJI, and it's packed with impressive features that are sure to appeal to aerial photography and videography enthusiasts. Here's a quick rundown of what makes this drone special:

  • Triple-camera system: The Mavic 3 Pro boasts a first-of-its-kind triple-camera system, featuring a Hasselblad 4/3 CMOS camera for stunning 5.1K footage, a 70mm telephoto camera for capturing distant details, and a 162mm telephoto camera for even more reach.

  • Professional-grade video: This drone can record up to 5.1K video at 50fps and 4K at 120fps, perfect for capturing smooth, cinematic footage. It also supports 10-bit D-Log recording for maximum flexibility in post-processing.

  • Long flight time: The Mavic 3 Pro has a maximum flight time of up to 43 minutes, giving you plenty of time to capture the perfect shots.

  • Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance: This drone is equipped with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance sensors to help you fly safely and avoid collisions.

  • Advanced transmission system: The Mavic 3 Pro uses DJI's O3+ video transmission system, which provides a range of up to 15km and a live feed with a bitrate of up to 18Mbps.

  • Intelligent features: The Mavic 3 Pro comes with a variety of intelligent features, such as ActiveTrack 5.0 for subject tracking, MasterShots for automated shot creation, and FocusTrack for keeping your subject in focus.

  • Two versions available: The Mavic 3 Pro comes in two versions: the standard version and the Cine version. The Cine version has a built-in 1TB SSD and supports Apple ProRes codecs for professional video production.

Overall, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro is a powerful and versatile drone that is well-suited for professional and enthusiast aerial photographers and videographers alike.

Here are some additional details about the DJI Mavic 3 Pro:

  • Sensor: 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad (20MP)

  • Aperture: f/2.8 - f/11

  • Video resolution: 5.1K (50fps), 4K (120fps), 2.7K (240fps)

  • Photo resolution: 20MP (JPEG, RAW)

  • Flight time: Up to 43 minutes

  • Transmission range: Up to 15km

  • Obstacle avoidance: Omnidirectional

  • Weight: 964g

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