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DJI's Newest Mini Pro 4 Drone

Today DJI just released the newest line of their Mini Pro drones, the Mini Pro 4.

Out-sized Imaging Performance

Capture more complex details easily with Mini 4 Pro's camera, powered by a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor featuring Dual Native ISO Fusion, f/1.7 aperture, and 2.4μm 4-in-1 pixels. More highlight and shadow details with a high dynamic range means uncompromising results in every frame.

Maximum Visual Impact Give vibrant scenes the details they deserve with 4K/60fps HDR and 4K/100fps video, while 10-bit D-Log M and HLG help capture a stunning range of colors and provide more flexibility while editing and sharing.

4K/60fps HDR Preserve the natural wonder of any moment. 4K/60fps HDR lets you share the nuances of sunset or sunrise in true-to-life quality.

Slo-Mo 4K/100fps Immerse the audience in every frame. With slow motion in 4K clarity, capture the action on the trails, at the beach, or in your own backyard at 100fps.

Highlight the Night The improved noise reduction algorithm of Mini 4 Pro's Night Shots video effectively suppresses noise and facilitates clearer, cleaner footage right from the camera.

Intuitive Features, Enhanced Flights

Sense More, Fly Safe Omnidirectional obstacle sensing makes Mini 4 Pro mighty safe. With four wide-angle vision sensors and a pair of downward vision sensors, it detects obstacles from all angles. Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) ensures additional safety by enabling automatic braking and bypassing during flight.

Fly Longer, Create More Leave battery concerns behind and stay focused on creation with Mini 4 Pro's Intelligent Flight Battery. Enjoy up to 34 minutes of flight time, or upgrade to the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus to enjoy an extra-long 45-minute max flight time.

20 km Video Transmission Mini 4 Pro features DJI's O4 video transmission. Enjoy ultra-responsive control and smooth 1080p/60fps FHD live feeds from distances of up to 20 km.

Simply Masterful

A Touch of Cinematics Mini 4 Pro has three effortless ways to get the shots you want: Spotlight, Point of Interest, and the revolutionary new ActiveTrack 360° with enhanced subject tracking capabilities. Swipe a path on the trace wheel interface to capture seamless cinematic shots. With omnidirectional obstacle sensing, bypassing obstacles and achieving smoother, more stable tracking for pro-level results is shockingly simple.

Get More out of Mini

DJI RC 2 This lightweight and easy-to-use remote controller comes with the built-in DJI Fly app, eliminating the need for smartphone use during flight. The high-definition screen delivers a crisp and clear view even under direct sunlight, optimizing your entire Mini 4 Pro experience.


  • Under 249g and Foldable

  • Regulation-Friendly

  • Flagship DJI O4 Video Transmission

  • Omnidirectional Vision Sensing

  • Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS)

  • Bottom Auxiliary Light

  • High-Quality Imaging System: 1/1.3" Sensor, f/1.7 Aperture, 2.4microm (4-in-1) Large Pixel, Dual Native ISO Integration

  • 4K/60fps HDR Video (DCG)

  • Next-Gen SmartPhoto

  • Night Mode

  • 4K/100fps Slow Motion

  • Color Modes: 10-bit D-Log M, HLG

  • Large-Angle Tilt

  • Sharpness/Noise Reduction Stylized Adjustment

  • True Vertical Shooting

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